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Renew your upholstery with custom materials.

Do you have an old piece of furniture that has seen better days? Don’t throw it out! We may save you money by re-covering or re-stuffing your aged item. Choose from our many custom styles of patterns and colors to give your appliance a brand new look!

Cutting Edge Drapes has 20 years of experience serving customers, which is why your furniture is in good hands. We take great care of your piece of furniture to give the desired outcome you’ve been dreaming about. With the material of your choice, you can be confident it will blend beautifully with the rest of your décor.


Enhance the decor of your home with new Curtains.

Each space in the house has a different style and function, so they must be treated independently. In the case of curtains, they represent an element that complements the design of places with harmony, elegance and comfort. Hence the importance of knowing how to choose the fabric, texture, design and materials for the design of our home.

At Cutting Edge Drapes, we offer you Free In-Home Consultation and Free Installation, this way we can best choose the fabric, texture, design and materials for the look of your home. We guarantee that you get the best curtains and drapes to feel the harmony, elegant and comfort that your home needs.


Breathe life into any room with new Drapes.

The drapes have different functions, such as serving as a light filter to regulate the intensity, provide privacy by preventing the interior from being seen and enhance the decoration, as they are a very attractive decorative complement for your home.

At Cutting Edge Drapes, we offer you Free In-Home Consultation and Free Installation. Every space is different, which is why every place needs a special design. We guarantee that you get the best drapes for your family to enjoy their favorite room.

Custom Drapes

Custom Drapes the best decoration option for your home.

Are you thinking about changing the decoration of your house? If you want to give a new unique and original style to the kitchen, children’s room, bathroom or the living room. We have the best solution ideal for any room in the home, custom drapes are an original decorative complement for your home.

At Cutting Edge Drapes, we offer you Free In-Home Design and Free Installation as well as 1,000’s of quality fabrics to choose from! Let your mind create beautiful, decorative, custom drapes with our unique fabric styles.

Custom Curtains Windows

Custom Curtains Windows can turn an ordinary window into extraordinary.

The windows, according to their design, are a visual point that is usually always attractive. On the other hand, it is the curtains that culminate that visual effect people often falls in love with. And curiously the same happens with the doors. If you are looking for custom window curtains or custom door curtains for your kitchen or patio, we can help you to turn your window or door into a decorative style perfect for your home.

Cutting Edge Drapes are positive that with your ideas and our experience, you will be able to obtain the window or door piece you are looking for.

Custom Curtains

Explore the possibilities Window Treatments can offer your home.

Whether you are looking for one of a kind shades or classic blinds, we have you covered. Window treatments are used to enhance the overall interior aesthetics of a room, so with our unique products, you can be proud to show off your newly amplified room. We have a variety of custom window treatments to achieve the style you are looking for.

We offer Free In-Home Consultation and Free Installation, so can relax and focus on what is important. We guarantee you will receive the best Window Treatments.



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